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What's so good about EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine?

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is a kind of equipment and machinery commonly used in plastic manufacturing, with a wide range of applications.

Advantages of EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine

EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine has good energy-saving characteristics, adopts the primary steam proportional pressure reducing valve technology, which can be precisely controlled, and the steam pressure delivered by the main pipeline is more stable. Compared with similar equipment, the heating time can be reduced by 20%, and the energy consumption can be reduced by 30%.

EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine has a simple structure, more robust stability, and better strength design, which significantly improves the strength value of the machine. The template can be annealed at a high temperature and processed by a CNC center. On the one hand, high precision can be guaranteed, and on the other hand, the machine's service life can be significantly extended.

EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine

The EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine also has a dedicated cooling system. This system is essential, mainly using high-efficiency vacuum system technology with low energy consumption. The sizeable three-dimensional spray vacuum condenser is sprayed by the cooling water source to improve the vacuum condensation ratio, effectively protect the vacuum pump, and leave the intermediate vacuum interface in advance.

The controls of the EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine are also simple. Mainly through the touch screen operation. The way of operation is simple. At the same time, it also has an alarm system, which can protect the operator more systematically.

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