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What is blow molding machine? This article will help

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What is blow molding machine? This article will help

Blow molding is around you, and you just don’t know it, such as, the soda that you are drinking has a plastic bottle, which was blow-molded.

The plastics industry is the third-largest manufacturing industry in the United States. Plastics make our lives easier and help us produce products in a more cost-effective way.

But what is a blow molding machine? How does it work? Please read carefully and find out the answer!

What is a blow molding machine

The process can be used to manufacture plastic products. The process involves heating a plastic tube (called a preform or parison) to its melting point and then placing it into the cavity of the mold.

Then, they use compressed air to inflate the molten plastic like a balloon to make it have the shape of a mold, but the interior is hollow. The amount of plastic used and the air pressure determine the thickness of the final product.

blow molding machine

The history of blow molding machine

Blow molding originated from glass blowing. Craftsmen heated the glass to its melting point and then blew it through the pipe to expand the glass. This process existed as early as the 1800s. A patent for Celluloid was shown at the time. These early methods were not suitable for mass production.

In the 1930s, they developed commercial machines to make blow-molded bottles and made mass production possible. The available materials are too brittle, and the production time is too long to effectively use the process for mass production.

With the emergence of low density and high-density polyethylene, blow molding is popular in the industry. This has revolutionized many industries, including soft drink bottling and the automotive industry.

What can you do with a blow molding machine

You can use blow molding to make almost any hollow plastic container, but the process is not limited to bottles. Here are some common blow molding products:

♦Building buckets and obstructions

♦Stadium Seating


♦Fan cover

♦Toys and sporting goods

♦Watering can

Blow molding is also widely used in the automotive industry, making the design and mass production of automotive parts simple and cost-effective. Here are some common blow-molded auto parts:

♦Automotive piping system


♦Mud guard



♦storage system

♦Electrical cover



In a word, blow molding has a wide range of uses and is a good way to produce a large number of parts cheaply.

The process of blow molding machine

There are several different types of blow molding. Their differences mainly lie in how they form the parison, the size of the parison, and the movement mode of the parison between the molds. The main types of blow molding are:

♦Extrusion blow molding (EBM)

♦Injection and blowing system (IBS)

♦Injection stretch blow molding (isbm)

Modern blow molding is a highly automated process that can produce thousands of parts in a short time. The process includes the following steps:

1. Plastic particles are fed to the machine through a hopper or screw, depending on the machine.

2. The plastic melts and then forms into a blank that looks like a pipe with a hole at one end.

3. Clamped in the mold.

4. Compressed air expands the parison.

5. The heated plastic balloon fills the mold space.

After the plastic has cooled, the machine opens the mold and takes out the part and sends it to any applicable finishing, if any.

In addition, in IBS and isbm, preforms replace parisons. Pre-manufactured single-hole tubes (called preforms) are manufactured by injection molding. Single performance design can be used in many different designs of blow-molded products, and in some cases, it is another way to simplify production.

Material capable of blow molding machine

Plastics suitable for this process include PVC, Pets, nylon, ABS, EVA, Thermoplastic elastomer, Low density and high-density polyethylene, polypropylene, Copolyester, Cop and COC, and polystyrene.

The wide variety of materials available for blow molding means that you can use this process to develop parts to meet your exact needs.

The benefit of blow molding machine

Compared with other forms of plastic product manufacturing, the blow molding process has many advantages. Blow molding is a cost-effective alternative to injection molding, and production and machinery are usually cheaper.

Blow molding is applicable to a single product. It can produce objects that do not need to assemble or connected to two halves. Therefore, it is particularly effective for containers requiring external threads.

Blow molding can also reduce flash. Flash is a small burr or plastic bleeding around the appearance of the product. Excess plastic produced during production requires additional finishing work to grind or remove before parts can be shipped. Blow molding technology will hardly produce overflow so as to speed up the turnover time of blow molding products.

Choosing blow molding to bring your products to life is a great solution for the simple and effective design that can be mass-produced without spending too much money. We have a talented team of trained professionals who can turn your products from creativity to reality. In short, we will cooperate with you throughout the design and production process.

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