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What are the steps in operating the fully automatic blow molding machine?

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The fully automatic blow molding machine is a blow molding machine equipment for blowing plastic bottles. It can blow plastic particles or preforms into bottles through specific technological means so that people can use different kinds of products in their daily life—shaped plastic bottles for convenience.

The bottle blowing machine is mainly operated by the oil-free airbag clamping technology, which has a large clamping force and less force in the toggle operation and has a long life. When people use the blow molding machine, how operate it is relatively simple and convenient, so How about extending the service life of the blow molding machine?

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1. When operating the bottle blowing machine, the preform should be put into the preformed container first. Then it will automatically enter the automatic positioning device according to the preform through the conveying device in the machine. The preform holder is sent into the drying tunnel.

2. After the preform is heated, it will be sent to the blowing and drawing platform for mold locking. After the low-pressure and high-pressure blowing and drawing, the gas is removed, and finally, the mold is opened. People can take off the formed bottle from the platform of the fully automatic blow molding machine.

3. When using the blow molding machine, you should carefully check whether the power supply, control system, heating system, etc., of the blow molding machine are standard. For the parts that need to be added with lubricating oil, you need to add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to ensure the everyday use and operation of the equipment.

4. When using the blow molding machine, it is generally necessary to accurately install the mold on the blow molding machine. Carefully check whether the button is in the correct position. Then, start, debug or run according to the specified requirements to ensure that the fully automatic blow molding machine equipment runs and works under normal conditions.

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