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Temperature control of plastic extruder?

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A plastic extruder is a piece of standard equipment for producing plastic products, and many of our standard plastic products are extruded by the plastic extruder. When we produce plastic products, the first step is to heat the screw of the plastic extruder through the heating system. When the temperature of the equipment rises enough to plasticize the plastic material, the equipment can be started to feed.

The plastic pellets enter the screw barrel through the feeding system and are processed by the screw in the barrel and extruded to the die head for extrusion. The power and transmission systems drive the whole production process to drive the screw rolling to the screw barrel of the raw materials for tightening processing.

Therefore, the basic structure of a plastic extruder is composed of the temperature control system, screw barrel, transmission system, power system, and extruder die head. Because of the different varieties of plastic products produced, the configuration of the extruder used in the production is different. We need to combine the actual situation of the production of products to select.

Many products can be extruded with a plastic extruder. Hundreds of products can be produced by plastic extruders, such as sealing strips, plastic pipes, plastic wires, plastic sheets, etc.

plastic extruder

In addition, the plastic extruder can also be used for some products in the production of auxiliary machines, such as our production of meltblown cloth and some other molding process of plastic products, often using plastic extruder as plasticizing equipment to use.

In plastic extruders in the production of products, it is necessary to control the temperature of the equipment within a specific range before production. However, the temperature of the equipment used in producing the plastic extruder is different depending on the variety of plastic materials. This must be combined with the plasticizing properties of the plastic material to select the plastic extruder production temperature.

The longer the screw, the more temperature control units there will be.

Before production, the temperature of each temperature control section should be adjusted according to the actual needs of the production, that is, the temperature of each temperature section to heat—screw temperature to the temperature we want. The future can start the equipment and fill the feed port with plastic pellets. The plastic pellets enter the screw barrel through the feeding system, and the screw barrel heats the pellets.

This way, the plastic raw material and the screw barrel will be self-produced at temperature because of the previous work. The temperature of the equipment will continue to rise, and plastic in the production process, if the temperature is too high, the plastic will abrupt change or even scorch. So plastic extruder screw temperature rises to the set value of the upper limit, we will start the cooling system to cool down the equipment, as long as the plastic extruder screw temperature is constant to make the equipment more stable for production.

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