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Plastic Paint Bucket Injection Moulding Machine

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The injection molding process of general screw injection molding machine is: firstly, the granular or powdery plastic is added into the barrel, and the plastic becomes molten through the rotation of the screw and the heating of the barrel outer wall. Then, the machine closes the mold and moves the injection seat forward to make the nozzle close to the gate of the mold. Then, the injection cylinder is filled with pressure oil to make the screw move forward, so that the screw can be pushed forward with high pressure and speed After a certain period of time and pressure holding and cooling, the product can be opened to take out the product.

Operation of injection molding machine:

1. Before operation of the injection molding machine, check whether there is water and oil in the electrical control box. If the electric appliance is damp, do not start the machine. Maintenance personnel should dry the electrical parts before starting the machine.

2. Before the operation of injection molding machine, check whether the power supply voltage is in line with, and generally should not exceed ± 6%.

3. Check whether the emergency stop switch and the front and rear safety door switches are normal. Verify whether the rotation direction of motor and oil pump is consistent.

4. Check whether the cooling pipes are unblocked for a long distance, and put cooling water into the cooling water jacket at the end of oil cooler and barrel.

5. Before the operation of injection molding machine, check whether there is lubricating oil in the moving parts and add enough lubricating oil.

6. Turn on the electric heating to heat each section of the barrel. When the temperature of each section reaches the requirements, keep the temperature for another period of time to make the machine temperature tend to be stable. The holding time varies according to the requirements of different equipment and plastic raw materials.

7. Add enough plastic in the hopper. According to the requirements of different plastics for injection molding, some raw materials should be dried first.

8. Cover the heat shield on the cylinder, so as to save electric energy and prolong the life of electric heating coil and current contactor

Injection system:

In one cycle of the injection molding machine, a certain amount of plastic can be heated and plasticized within a specified time, and the molten plastic is injected into the mold cavity through the screw under a certain pressure and speed. At the end of the injection, the molten material injected into the mold cavity is kept in shape.

clamping system:

The function of clamping system is to ensure that the mold is closed, opened and ejected. At the same time, after the mold is closed, enough clamping force is provided to resist the pressure of the mold cavity caused by the molten plastic entering the mold cavity, and prevent the mold from opening, resulting in the bad status of the products.

electric box:

it including PLC, protector ,delay and power supplier.

control system


 Horizontal Injetion Molding Machine for Plastic Paint Bucket


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