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PET、PP Bottle Linear Blowing Machine

PET Bottle Linear Blowing Machine/PP Bottle Linear Blowing Machine is divided into two control systems. Customers are free to choose according to their requirements, can be more accurate control of technical parameters, the machine is simple to operate and safe, and the use of different positions of double emergency stop control, as well as different positions of the single-point revelation button and double-point start button control, so that the operator can work efficiently, the machine requires only one person to operate, no special training. The machine is easy to operate, safe, and adopts double emergency stop control at different positions, as well as single-action revelation button and double-action start button control at different positions, which makes it convenient for the operator to work, and the machine only needs one person to operate, no special training is needed. The installation is simple and easy for the operator to operate and maintain.

The drying channel and blowing platform are separated, which shortens the mold opening time, improves the blowing speed, and increases the output. The compact appearance design saves space, reduces investment costs, and improves competitiveness. It contains an automatic conveying system for conveying goods, in addition to an advanced PLC control system, a light and simple control panel, a unique heating system, accurate temperature control, and simple adjustment.

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