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KSY105-15L Pesticide Bottle Multi-Layers Co-Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

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KSY105-15L Pesticide Bottle Multi-Layers Co-Extrusion Blow Molding Machine Automatic Multi-Layers Co-Extrusion Blow Molding Machine mainly to use make 100ML-15L Pesticide Bottle with transparent line

Automatic Single/Double Station Blow Molding Machine special for plastic  PETG material and   Feature as below:

1 .linear guider strip style

2. With single station or double station

3. Adopt 1-4 die mold heads

4. Multi-layers :1-6 Co-Extrusion Layers

5. Multi cavities: 1-4 cavities

6. Production Volume: 100ml-15L

7. Application Products: Pesticide Bottle

8. Optional Parison controller/Auto Deflasher/Auto material fedding /Auto Recycling/IML(In Mold Labeling)/Leakage detector/Filling/Packing onlined full automatic production.

9. Ensuring 1-6 layers of resin completely melt,blow molding machine using the latest international composite super imposed multilayer flow design.make the flow smooth and has no dead angle,the material and color piece can be changed,the material base of good quality.

10. The extrusion system of single layer extrusion blow moulding machine consists of 1 set of extrusion and composition,machine parts and screws adopt high quality nitride alloy steel, have high surface hardness, long service life and good quality of plasticzing,which is suitable for processing high molecualr weight polyethlene. The pressure sets on the extrusion system can make sure the stability of material base of the continuous co-extruding die.

11. Introducing advanced technology from Germany, Italy, Japan etc.

12. Involving advanced design and production of super large-scale blow-molding machine and engineering management capability.

13. Holding over 40 items Patent Technologies.

Automatic Multi-Layers Co-Extrusion Blow Molding Machine special for Pesticide Bottle Advantages:

1.We adopt American Allen-Bradley patent professional blowing machine control system and PLC component, with various functions like:module designing and system, diagnoses through long-distance web, multiple date groups communication,intelligent temperature control center, auto-alarming and failure for operation,anticooling automatic screw self-protection, multi-normal parameter memory,auto-record for yield and circle time, and screen language switch for Chinese,English, Espanol.etc.

2.We have introduced a set of sophisticated plastic ejection, analog and data analysis system.which carries out real-time suprevision and monitoring in accordance with plastic material type at different process sections(feeding,plasticization and blending), and adjusts the screw parameter design, temperaturs & rotation speed.The purpose is to achieve the best injection result for different models of plastic. is made by a Taiwan-based professional manufacturer .using Japan-processed special-purpose steel, with advanced CNC equipment so ensure high precision and long durability.

3.Advantages: 1.40% more than traditional design in injection output.

4.Even-distributed injection amount, ensuring that each piece of product has stable weight and small tolerance.

5.Even plasticization,stable and we 11-distributed color.

6.We have introduced an analysis system for plastic moulding from the USA and Europe. State-of-the-art design and accurate analog-analyzing system enable us to solve every problem in plastic moulding of different materials.

7.The moulding device is made of specially-treated steel from is processed

by Japan- made CNC machine before surface-polishing and hardening process. High-precisi on assembly can greatly extend the service life of the moulds.

8.Advantages:The injected base product is even in thickness, normal color and luster.

9.It can process several layers of material at the same time.

10.We adopted the oil circulation system from has the fine oil pump,valve, circulation board and a unique filter system all of which resulted in a faster speed.stability in speed reducing, low noise, energy conservation and long duration.

11.Thanks to our experience for many years in this field and the airing constituent FESTO and SMC respectively imported from Germany and Japan .We have designed and produced a series of airing circulation system including the blowing technology, clearance airing and airing dryness system.

12.Introduce into Europe design idea, it's tightness and durable, can be adjusted outside the safe door, can be choosed adjustable angle slant blow function if request.

13.This design can install different thickness moulds, mould open-close stoke is easy to adjust, and the use the finite element method being stress analysis. Mould movement is use famous brand over loading grade guide strip, control by proportion hydraulic pressure value, focus on lubricate system, to mak mould-movement much more swift and steady, make sure machine high output capacity. Stable construction and mould-close oil tank are place on the midmost, makes mould force more equality, and make the product mouth more perfect, and the mould life can be extend, between the machine and mould there is wide space, easy to intall material crusher recycle system.

14.According to different plastic container, we have abundant experience of removing scrap, able to meet the user's requirement of full-automatic production to achieve a no personnel operation, the removed plastic scrap being crushed immediately, new and old material are feeding at the ratio to be used again to achieve the environmental protection effect

of no secondary pollution.

15.Use a precise robot take out the bottle and put onto the conveyor

Atomated Single/Double Station Multi-Layers Co-Extrusion Blow Molding Machine Special For Plastic Pesticide Bottle


 Dual Station Multi-Layers Co-Extrusion Blow Molding Machine Special For Plastic Pesticide Bottle

Screw Diameter

¢100mm       /          ¢105mm          

Max.Plasticizing capacity

150Kg/h(¢100mm  )      170Kg/h(¢105mm  )

Clamping force


Distance between plates


Mould stroke


Dry cycle time


Mould Dimenstion

Max.Width :830mm   Max. Height: 500mm  Min.Thickness:210mm

Product weight/volume

Weight :30-800g         Capacity:150ml-15L

Mould center distance

Double Head:380mm  Three Head:250mm  Four Head:200/190mm           Six Head:120mm    Eight Head:100mm

Drive Motor power

Servo Oil pump drive power:30kw

Extrusion drive power :55kw/(¢100mm), 65kw/(¢105mm)

Average Power consumption

85kw/h(¢100mm)   95kw/h(¢105mm)

Air Pressure/Air consumption

6-8KG/CM2        3.0M3/Min

Cooling water consumption


Voltage supply


Machine Dimension

L*W*H: 4700mm*4200mm*2750mm

Machine Weight



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