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How to maintain your blow molding machine? Follow this step will do

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Blow molding machine was used to manufacture bottle containers for eye drops, medicines, cosmetics, foods, detergents, etc. Nowadays, its features such as cost performance, high rigidity, and lightweight have been evaluated, and various types of products, mainly automobile parts, have been evaluated. So you can see blow molding machine has a wide range of applications in many industries and becoming important support of it. So It is very important to keep your blow molding machine working in a good state, and to do that requires a good daily maintenance habit. Do you want to know how to maintain your blow molding machine? Here it is.

For the daily maintenance of the blow molding machine, we will divide it into 5 parts to carry out

•Daily maintenance of the gearbox

•Daily maintenance of screen changer

•Daily maintenance of the motor

•Daily maintenance of inverter

•Daily maintenance of die head

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Daily maintenance of the gearbox

1.Prevent dust, moisture, and chemicals from entering the gearbox.

2. Check daily for oil leakage, abnormal vibration, noise, and lack of oil.

3.If it is found that the oil temperature rises significantly during the work when the temperature rise exceeds 70°C or the oil temperature exceeds 100°C, the quality of the oil decreases, and abnormal noise occurs, stop using it, check the bearing usage, and To investigate other reasons, it must be repaired and eliminated, and the lubricating oil must be replaced before use.

Daily maintenance of screen changer

1.When the equipment is in use. The screen changer is best to change the mesh sheet every 2 hours to prevent blockage and avoid the failure of the screen changer.

2.When the equipment has been left unused for several days and restarted, firstly check whether the actions of the screen changer are sensitive and reliable.

3.It is strictly forbidden to push and pull the filter screen repeatedly under the condition of high temperature and no lubrication so as to prevent the mating surfaces from being pulled.

4.Under any circumstances, it is not allowed to assemble and disassemble the filter screen and adjust the structural parts when the oil pump motor is rotating.

5. It is strictly forbidden to leak from the edge of the filter screen and the wire.

Daily maintenance of the motor

1.The surface of the motor should be kept clean.

2.Whether there is abnormal noise when the motor is running.

3.When the thermal protection and short-circuit protection of the motor operate continuously, it should be judged whether the fault is due to the short-circuit of the motor or overload, or the setting value of the protection device is too low, and the operation can be continued after the fault is cleared.

Daily maintenance of inverter

1.Keep the inverter in a clean state.

2.Effectively remove the dust on the upper surface of the inverter to prevent the accumulated dust from entering the inverter.

3.Effectively remove the oil pollution of the cooling fan of the inverter.

Daily maintenance of die head

1.When driving the injection, the die must be heated to the working temperature and kept for 3-4 hours. Otherwise, the die head will be damaged, especially the flow channel of the die head and the working surface of the injection piston, and in severe cases, the main parts will be scrapped.

2.When restarting after shutdown, it also needs to be heated to the set temperature and kept for 3-4 hours before starting up. Otherwise, the heat inside the die head may damage the extruder and the die head parts.

3.The overflow (usually black) of the overflow hole of the die head should be cleaned frequently to ensure the cleanliness of the die head and the product. The overflow on the die head is not allowed to have a hanging flow phenomenon, and it should be removed once a week.

As long as you complete the daily maintenance of the above-mentioned parts, I believe that your blow molding machine can work normally and efficiently for a long service life.

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