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How to choose a good eps foam making machine

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1. Fully understand the type of eps foam-making machine

Although the basic principle of the eps foam-making machine is to introduce gas into the aqueous solution of the foaming agent, the method of the gas introduction is different for different types of foaming machines. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of various foaming machines plays a crucial role in manufacturers' accurate selection of foaming machines.

For example, the low-speed stirring type adopts low-speed rotating blades, the gas output value is low, and the foaming ability is low. A high-speed rotating impeller drives the high-speed impeller type, the bubble's diameter cannot be controlled, and the bubble is not uniform.

eps foam making machine

2. Carefully master the basic technical parameters of the foaming machine

For manufacturers, it is necessary not only to understand the model and the foaming principle of the eps foam-making machine but also to understand several main technical parameters of the foaming machine to determine whether it meets their production requirements.

Production Value: Production value is the amount of foam produced, which should be slightly above the 20% of individual foam demand with room to spare. The generation of bubbles should be based on the following limits, not the upper limit;

Installed capacity: The installed capacity is the total installed power, which is of great significance to the adaptability of the computing circuit to the total power consumption;

Equipment scale: This parameter is a necessary element of the overall planning of the workshop;

Bubble diameter scale: Generally, a comparison should be made according to the requirements of specific products on the diameter of bubbles.

3. Carefully understand the foaming quality

It is pointed out that the foaming quality of the foaming machine should be mainly measured from three aspects: foam density, uniformity, and moisture secretion.

Foam fineness: refers to the size of the bubble diameter. The smaller the bubble diameter, the more acceptable the foam, the better the stability of the foam, the higher the strength of the produced product, and the better the insulation performance.

Foam uniformity: The diameter of the bubbles should be uniform. The smaller the diameter of the bubbles, the narrower the size, the more uniform the product is, and the better the effect.

The amount of foam water secretion: refers to the amount of foam agent aqueous solution after the foam bursts. The lower the secretion of foam water, the lower the water content of the foam, and the better the foaming performance of the foaming machine.

The testing machine should approve whether the foaming machine can meet the requirements of the above three aspects. The foam released by the foaming machine must be a sponge-like foam with less water content and a more delicate texture.

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