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EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine

EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine is fully functional and easy to adjust parameters. Closed mold, feeding, foam, mold, gas, and automatic control also allow computer control of the production of foam products using various heating methods. It can be used in the old mold complete soil environment without needing to change the plant. The machine can be in good condition so that the product can meet the requirements of automatic vacuum forming machine foam machine, compact structure, space-saving, reliable performance, easy maintenance, saving workforce, saving steam quality, save raw materials.

EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine adopts a hydraulic system to increase clamping force, improve mold speed, and short molding cycle. Forming machine automatic forming machine is more energy-saving. The machine adopts microcomputer control and a touch screen display. It can run efficiently under computer control and management with a high degree of automation. Simple operation, easy maintenance, can reduce labor intensity, complete fault diagnosis function, motor protection system, protect the safe operation of the equipment.

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