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EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine Foam foaming method

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EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine is generally how to foam foaming. Today, foam foaming methods are many to give you a specific method, but the basic principles and methods are not changed.

EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine foaming process is generally like this, EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine of the first foam is EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine in the liquid or molten plastic introduced gas, and then produce microporous

EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine

2. Then, the micro-pores grow to a specific volume

3. EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine generally uses physical or chemical methods to fix the microporous structure. Then following the introduction of airflow to foam, foaming methods are generally mechanical, physical, and chemical.

EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine's mechanical method: generally requires intense agitation so that a large amount of air or other gases into the liquid plastic. In the industrial field, this method is generally used to produce urea-formaldehyde foam plastic, which is generally used in insulation materials or film and television sets, the most common such as artificial snowflakes.

EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine Physical method: generally, low boiling point hydrocarbons or halogenated hydrocarbons are dissolved into the plastic, then the plastic is easily softened when heated, while the liquid will be incorporated into the expansion of the foam.

An example is polystyrene foam.

This material can be made by dissolving pentane into the monomer during styrene suspension polymerization or by treating the polystyrene resin, which has been polymerized into a bead shape, with pentane under heat and pressure to make foamy polystyrene beads. The beads are pre-foamed in hot water or steam, then placed in a mold, and fed with steam to make the pre-foamed particles expand twice and then fuse. And after cooling, the product with the same shape as the mold cavity can be obtained, and this material is widely used as insulation and shockproof material in packaging.

Of course, you can also use the extrusion molding method. At this time, can use both foamable beads, which can be extruded into a foam sheet; can also use ordinary polystyrene pellets, EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine extruder in the right part of the halogenated hydrocarbons so that it is mixed with the plastic melt when the material leaves the machine head that expansion foam.

The extrusion method is commonly used in the production of sheets or plates. Sheet by vacuum blister molding can be made into food packaging boxes, trays, etc., and polyethylene can also be used similarly to make extruded foam products.

The physical method of introducing gas is also the dissolution, hollow microsphere, etc. The dissolution method is to mix soluble substances such as salt, starch, etc., and resin, then put the products in water repeatedly to dissolve the soluble substances, that is, to get open-hole foam products, primarily used as filter materials.

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