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EPE Foam pipe/tube/rod Extrusion Machine

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It is to extrude PE foam sheets, tubes,rods and profiles. There is Model 65 specialized for PE fruit nets.
Cushion packaging protection packaging against delicate elec-tronic products like video,audio and component parts requiring shock absorbing,vibration dampening mattress for sports purpose, cushioning,soundproof moistureproof effect at construction

Epe expandable polyethylene foam pipe machine:

* V.F driving for speed regulation. Tandem screw with independent heating zones to insure easy operation, easy trouble shooting, precise heating and curing.

* OMRON temperature control system. Stable and reliable.

* Circulation water cooling. (Water tower, user to add)

* The head employed automatic screen exchange system (with a hydraulic station) to save time and reduce wastage. About 30% may be saved.

* Mold pressure control employed digital display and a septum pressure gage. The two systems insure stable top sheet quality.

* Winder may overturn automatically. With meter counter for length pre-setting. Winding width is adjustable.

* High foaming times. Imported temperature control system

Epe expandable polyethylene foam pipe machine Features:

It can produce various kinds of EPE products, such as sheet, tube, bar, edge, Angle and special-shaped material, which are widely used in packaging of electronics, household appliances, furniture, handicrafts, fruits and children's toys, sports and fitness equipment.

EPE foam pipe/rod/profile production line adopts advanced physical  butane foaming technology with high product foaming rate,which is energy saving and efficient.

EPE profile production line can continuously produce various specifications of plastic foam tubes and foam bars.

The use of different configuration of the die head and auxiliary machine can produce related profile products, which is the real realization of a multi-purpose machine.


EPE foam pipe/rod/profile production line


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