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EPE Foam Sheet Auto Cutting Machine

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It is specially used for horizontal and vertical cutting of EPE sheet and coil material. The servo motor control system is adopted to adjust the feeding speed according to the size of the cut product. The required size can be completed at one time.Touch screen interface operation mode makes simple and convenient operation.
Auto epe foam cutting machine:
Hydraulic white polyethylene foam cutting machine is suitable for cutting EPE foam, PE foam, EVA foam, and other sheet materials.
The machine can stack multiple materials at the same time to save labor and time, and improve work efficiency by 2-3 times.


1. Hydraulic white polyethylene foam cutting machine is controlled by PLC(Programmable Logic Controller), with touching the

screen, to set and micro-adjust working pressure, cutting depth, feeding speed easier, faster, and more precise.

2. It can stack multiple sheets at the same time, saving labor and time.

3. Powered by hydraulic system, more accurate and error-free.

EPE foam sheet auto-cutting machine can be used to trim the side of thick epe foam sheet or the thickened epe foam sheet by the bonding machine,also can be used to cut the big sheet to small pieces by adding the round knife.This machine use the servo motor control systerm,and which is operated by PLC touching screen.The product can be cut accurately,and also can save the labor.



Total power:3.4kw

Cutting width:1450mm

Cutting height:5-100mm



Total power:3.8kw

Cutting width:2000mm

Cutting height:5-100mm


EPE Foam Sheet Auto Cutting Machine


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