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Development and Operation Considerations of EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine

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The EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine can mold complex-looking, dimensionally accurate, or dense plastic products with metal inserts in one step. They were widely used in national defense, electromechanical, automobile, transportation, building materials, packaging, agriculture, culture, education, health, and people's daily life and other fields. The injection molding process has good adaptability to various plastics, high production capacity, and easy automation. With the rapid development of today's plastics industry, EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine occupies an essential position in quantity and variety. It has become one of the plastic machinery's fastest-growing and most productive models.

Plastic injection molding technology was developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries based on the principle of die casting. This is one of the methods commonly used in plastic processing. This method is suitable for all thermoplastics and some thermosets.

The EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine works like a syringe. It is the process of injecting plastic in a plasticized and molten state (that is, a dense flow state) into a closed mold cavity by thrusting a screw (or plunger) and then solidifying and molding to obtain a product.

EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine

Injection molding is a cyclic process. Each cycle mainly includes: batching, melt plasticization, pressure injection, mold filling and cooling, mold opening and removal. After removing the plastic parts, close the mold and go to the next cycle.

The application of EPS foam machine cutting machine

EPS foam machine cutting machine is mainly used for cutting and processing foam, sponge, and other chemical materials. Currently, this laser is mainly used for cutting. Because the laser beam precision cutting is not easy to deform, the cutting surface is smooth, and the edge is clear, it has been used in various fields.

Of course, in the process of using the EPS foaming machine cutting machine, there will also be some failures, which need to be repaired from time to time. Then let's talk about how to repair the EPS foaming machine. It is worth reminding that only people who know how to use and operate it can perform maintenance and parts replacement of the foaming machine. EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine Mechanical: A large amount of air or other gas is introduced into the liquid plastic with vigorous stirring. In the industrial field, urea-formaldehyde foam is mainly produced in this way, which can be used for thermal insulation of thermal insulation materials and can also be used for sets in film and television dramas, such as our ordinary artificial snowflakes.

To prevent accidents or machine damage, the following principles must be observed during EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine inspections:

1. When the EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine fails, immediately disconnect the power supply and stop.

2. When EPS Foam Shape Molding Machine cannot be used commonly, please consult the relevant manuals and take corrective measures. Turn off the power before checking and replacing components.

3. The parts removed during the inspection should be replaced with the same new parts in the same position. Instruments used in the inspection process must be calibrated.

4. It is strictly forbidden to place flammable or metal objects in the electrical cabinet or junction box;

5. Regularly check cables and wires to prevent leakage or electric shock.

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